Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birth of the blogally

The term 'weblog' for an online diary was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997. The short form, 'blog', was first used by Peter Merholz, who split the word weblog into the phrase 'we blog' in the sidebar of in April 1999. Or so the history books tell us. But I'm not planning to celebrate any birthday here. No, today's post arises from my speculation about what those of you reading this, who have followed me over from the now deceased Curling Today, actually want.

First, I have to find a name for you. 'Blog followers' is one, although I note that Google has put a technical definition to that recently. Blog fans is too enthusiastic, blog reader too mundane. Or you could be fanatics, buffs, aficionados, devotees, supporters....... now this last gives me a thought. You could be brablogs! Perhaps not. Could you be a blog enthusiast, friend, ally, backer, adherent, sponsor, advocate, defender, champion, patron, or benefactor?

That's it.... 'ally'.
(Definition: a person that is associated with others for some common cause or purpose). You are henceforth my blogallies! Bookmark the page immediately!

I like the idea of 'benefactors' too, but this is something to come back to.

Right, I am more than encouraged that some Curling Today blogallies
have already had a look at Skip Cottage, presumably out of curiosity, rather than to find out what's going on in the curling world. Thanks to the magic of StatCounter I can keep track of how popular, or unpopular the blog is. If the curious turn into blogallies that would be great.

Now that I'm freed of the restraints of the CT blog, with its association with the soon-to-be-no-more Scottish Curler magazine, I'm wondering what I could cover here, in addition to curling news, and what my blogallies would like to read? Hoglinewamphray /at/ if you want to tell me!

I'm a simple type of person. I read other blogs too. I like to be entertained. I like to find 'interesting things' about our sport of curling. For example, yesterday I enjoyed reading Al Cameron's post on his blog. Al writes for the Calgary Herald.

I was fascinated to read the reason that the German team at the Worlds in Gangneung had to play with just three players yesterday, as they did not have a fifth player with them, and Monika was ill. The alternate they were planning to take to Korea, Martina Tichatschke, missed random tests from the Germany doping agency - once while she was on holiday in Australia and didn’t inform the anti-doping agency that she was out of the country, and once last September when her mobile was off when the agency called her. That was enough to earn a three-month suspension from competition. But read Al's blog, and find out if any other curlers have ever fallen foul of the anti-doping regulations!

How many types of blogs are there? How many bloggers are there in the world? Read all about blogs here. And become a Skip Cottage blogally.


  1. I feel more like an addict :)

  2. Thanks for the new blog Bob - I needed something to replace Curling Today and the Curler and I doubt if I'll get it from anywhere else. Would it be possible to "persuade" some of the former contributors to the Curler to contribute a few articles on here?