Saturday, March 28, 2009

Foreigners at Curl Aberdeen

Well, here we are at Curl Aberdeen. It's the Scottish Mixed Championship this weekend. Very mixed it is too. Here are some pics, to give you a flavour!

Pay attention! Interactivity is one of the new things on this new blog, so I have some questions for you blogallies out there. There are a number of Dicks playing this weekend. I want you to count them. Should be easy. There is also a lot of Woods (but you can't see them for the trees, boom, boom). You have to count them too. And also you have to identify who all the foreigners are. Answers (if I remember) sometime soon.

X marks the spot in this pic of Karen Strang.

Here's the first of the trophy shirts to identify!

Louise Wood (damn, gave it away) modelling 'Most intelligent look of the day'.

I have received criticisms in the past that I always show photos of Gillian Howard shouting. So here's a serious one.

Dillon Perras

This for the David Mundell fan club.

Alan Smith and Gillian Howard. The holders will not be retaining the trophy. You can find all the results from the weekend here.

Despite the efforts of Mundell and Strang this curled a fraction too much.

Calendar girls shouldn't look this scary - Kim Brewster.

Did I say scary! David Edwards. It's the eyes!

Did I mention eyes? Susan Kesley.

Normal service, here's the dentist shot of Gillian again.

You know, Greig Henderson is getting more and more like David Horton every day!

Question, what is Stuart Templeton thinking? Take a look at his score against Colin Hamilton, who, not content with winning the Pairs last week, is firmly set on the Mixed too.

Last time I was in Japan, this lady was very much in my thoughts - Michelle Silvera. (Hint - 1997)



Do many Japanese girls have blond hair?

You would think Tom Brewster was the manager of the rink, the way he's standing.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy 54th birthday dear ....

Difficult one!

This is a paid advert. He wants to swap his shirt with ......

You have a double. Mine's a ..... Graham Shedden


Andy Cameron and Sandy Christie. It's a serious business.

You'll never get it.

This photo of a Canadian curler who has an uncanny resemblence to Andrew Craigie could well be today's caption competition.

Graeme Copland

Could this be one?

Neil Joss

Kay Gibb.

Pics by Bob

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