Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scottish Mixed Championship Sunday

Adrian White, Jill Macdonald, Craig Johnston and Linda Ruxton made it to the semis having beaten Colin Dick's team in the quarters. There they came up against Tom Brewster, Lynn Cameron, Colin Campbell and Michelle Silvera, victors over Jamie Dick's team in very short order. The semi was a good tight game, and when Tom's last stone draw to the four foot was swept a fraction too far it was into an extra end, but only after a measure. In the ninth though, Brewster made sure of his team's place in the final with a good last stone clearance.

On the other side of the draw, John Hamilton, Anna Sloan, Alisdair Guthrie and Cathyn Guthrie had progressed past David Edwards, and then sneaked ahead of Neil Joss, Judith McFarlane, Gary Rutherford and Margaret Richardson in the semi, to line up against the Brewster side in the title decider.

All the linescores are here.

Now this is where you blogallies have to pay attention. Questions follow. The Brewster team threw in regulation order. Except that Michelle, who played lead stones, held the brush when Tom played. In the Hamilton team, Cathryn played lead stones, John himself played second. Anna, throwing third stones, held the brush for John. John went into the head when she had to throw. And Alisdair played fourth stones, with John in the head for these. So both girls swept the last stones of the end.

By the time I had figured all this out, the game was 2-2 after five!

The sixth was the key. Hamilton played to keep Brewster to a single. But Tom had last stone and he sidled it past the guard to edge away John's second counter and post a four. Handshakes were immediately offered. Our new Mixed Champions: Tom Brewster, Lynn Cameron, Colin Campbell and Michelle Silvera.

Top: L-R Michelle Silvera, Colin Campbell, Lynn Cameron, Tom Brewster. It was a fun competition! Pic by Bob.

Here we are in the final with lots of stones in play.

Tom Brewster

and his team. L-R Lynn Cameron, Colin Campbell, Michelle Silvera.

A study in concentration. John Hamilton and Michelle Silvera. Now, I said I would ask questions. Who is delivering the stone?

'Hear no evil; see no evil; speak no evil'

Al Guthrie and Anna Sloan had an uphill battle.

Cathryn Guthrie

"The effects of curling activities on beard growth" John Hamilton, Cathryn Guthrie, Alisdair Guthrie and Anna Sloan. Annals of Endocrinology 57 (2) pp63-72, 2009.

Anna Sloan

Pics by Bob.

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