Monday, March 23, 2009

Skip Cottage

New blog. New ideas. Here are two of my interests, other than curling. Photographing rainbows has always been a challenge. This from the kitchen window at Skip!

And my garden. It gets the attention when the curling season is over!

Pics by Bob.


  1. Good luck with this new blog, Bob!

  2. Good luck in the future and the garden looks like a big and lovely challenge.

  3. Scotland's ice just won't be the same without you Bob - glad to hear that the snapping and scibbling will be continuing in here! Maybe its even time to revive the tale of the wee stones too!

  4. Just discovered you again! Great to see that you are continuing. Now I can begin my day with curling and other news before I also attempt to fix the garden. However not until it stops raining!

  5. Cold turkey

    I was trying “cold turkey” when CURLING TODAY ceased to exist.

    No looking for other blogs no clicking on Curling Today just to find it had definitely finished and boy was I suffering

    And then just by chance (as you do looking for that packet of cigarettes you hid some weeks before) I came across SKIP COTTAGE and immediately:-
    The unpleasant symptoms, including nausea and shivering, that accompany a sudden withdrawal from an addictive drug disappeared and my addiction to Curling Today had been satisfied

    Thanks Bob you’re a samaritan

  6. Thanks Bluie

    Good to have you as a blogally!