Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Conduct Panel reports

On March 24, I tried to get confirmation from the Royal Club when the Conduct Panel was to meet to decide how the Vernon issues would be resolved now that the Nicholson report had been published. CEO Colin Grahamslaw replied in these terms, "As to the conduct panel - they control their own timescales now, they have been in discussion and I know they have been in touch with the parties, I don't know if they have agreed any dates yet or how they will handle the case."

I now find that the Conduct Panel, Sheriff Richard Scott, Pam McKay and Ewan Malcolm, met for a 'procedural hearing' on March 25, and have now communicated their decisions to the parties involved, in a letter which is 'a record of the Panel's decision in relation to each complaint and of its reason therefor'.

The rest of this post, which contained details contained in the letter, has been removed, under advice.

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  1. I hope that this ends the saga, I hope that the full letter is published on the RCCC website and I sincerely hope that the ladies who were offended receive a full and public apology.

    Thanks again Bob for your interest and commitment, you will be sorely missed.