Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Curling in black and white

Our teams continue to battle on in Dunedin, New Zealand, at the World Senior Curling Championships. There have been no official draw reports from the World Curling Federation this week, unlike the other major championships recently. Nor is Mike Haggerty in New Zealand reporting for the Royal Club. It has been difficult then to get much of a flavour of what's going on, other than the bare results, see here or here. Today though, on the Royal Club website here, is a report from Peter Malcolm, Anne's husband. Well done Peter! He has also sent the pics above and below.

Yes, we have black and grey circles at Dunedin! Turns me off, I'm afraid. It's all about national sensitivities of course, and I look forward to seeing the tartan heads at Aberdeen in December. It's just as well that Team Prentice is not wearing their usual all black outfits this week, or it would be a case of 'now you see me, now you don't' - the punchline of the old joke about the zebra on the pedestrian crossing. I've said it once, and I'll continue to say it. Curling is a colourful game. Dump the drab!

There's only one section in the women's competition, with eight countries. Marion Craig, Rhona Fleming, Catherine Raeburn and Anne Malcolm have played five. They have definitely won two, perhaps three! Their last was against Sweden, and as I write this, the online scores have Scotland winning according to the linescore, but losing according to the final score. Let's hear it for accurarcy (or accuracy, even)! Watch this space. (Added later. Yes, Scotland beat Sweden 10-5).

Keith Prentice, Lockhart Steele, Robin Fleming and Tommy Fleming have played four games in the six-strong blue group, and have won three of these. Their last game is against the Hungarians tomorrow, and a win here would see them safely into the semifinals.

These two photos were taken from a spot only 100 yards from the ice stadium. Looks lovely!

The weather has been so warm that many of the competitors have been strolling on the beach between games (spot the Canadian in this pic), and eating at the beachfront cafes, about ten minutes walk away.

Thanks to Peter Malcolm for the pics.

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