Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Digital journalism

I've thought for a while that having live interviews on the blog would be one posssibility for the future, taking it forward a further step. As blogallies will know, I've been experimenting with embedding YouTube videos into the blog, although none have been my own. One of the first people I would want to interview would be David Murdoch. Imagine my surprise when I discovered such an online interview was posted last week after the Murdoch team arrived home from Moncton.

I shouldn't have been surprised of course. Some universities now have digital journalism courses (example here). Last year there was an announcement (see here) that one local newspaper group in Scotland was hiring a number of digital journalists. It is one of these digital journalists, working for the Dumfries and Galloway Standard, whose interview can be seen here. Interesting to look at the quality, as well as listening to David's confident (and patient) answers.

While I remember, the announcement of who will be in the GB Olympic Teams is set for this Friday, I understand. The British Curling website will be where to look for it.

Thinking back to the World Final in Moncton, there's an excellent analysis of how the last end was won, and lost, on CurlingNet's site here. (Thanks to the Scottish Curling Forum for this link)

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