Monday, April 20, 2009

MDs update

Here are Keith MacLennan and Vicky Sloan up against the Canadians at the World Mixed Doubles in Cortina. Scotland started the competition in fine form with wins over Australia and New Zealand. They didn't win this one though. Vicky was short on a draw in the seventh to allow their opposition to steal three. Find the WCF report here.

Word from the team is, "We're having a great time and playing pretty well on superb ice. We really should be on 3-0 but we threw it away against Canada. Hopefully we'll get back on track against our southern neighbours tomorrow!" That refers to the BIG game, against England (John Sharp and Jane Clark) tomorrow morning. You can follow all the results by clicking here.

You can send the team a message of support from this page.

Top: Canada's Allison Nimik and Sean Grassie watch as Vicky Sloan encourages Keith MacLennan to do the hard work! Thanks to the World Curling Federation for the photos which are by Mario Facchini.

The second pic has to be a caption competition. What's Keith saying to Sean? "Do you really think Martin should have thrown his first away?" Your turn.

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