Wednesday, April 15, 2009

National Academy progress

Royal Club Chairman Bob Tait has sent out this update on the progress of the National Curling Academy at Kinross and has asked for it to be widely circulated. So here it is in its entirety:

National Curling Academy Update 2: Spring 2009

This update reports progress since the update of 29th January and the open meeting held on 5th February. This note is being sent by e mail to those who provided their details at the meeting on 5th February. These individuals should feel free to forward it to any of their curling acquaintances who were not at the meeting. It is also being sent to all club secretaries in Area 7 who are asked to forward it to all of their members and to ensure that support for the new facility is discussed at AGMs.

The Trust
• Kinross Curling Trust was incorporated as a Scottish Guarantee Company on 4th March 2009 under Company Number SC355969.
• The Memorandum and Articles of Association will be available on the Trust’s web page shortly.
• The Trust is awaiting confirmation of its charitable status (hopefully this will be known shortly).
• The subscribing Trustees are Jamie Montgomery, Bob Tait (Chairman of the RCCC Board) and Colin Grahamslaw (Chief Executive RCCC).
• The Trustees are being assisted by Bob Anderson and Alistair McCabe (technical issues), Mary Morgan (secretarial) and Linda Young (local fund raising). Assistance with ice issues, communications/web and accountancy / VAT should be in place soon.

The Project Team
Turner and Townsend, the project managers, with assistance from the technical advisers, have interviewed firms of architects, civil and structural engineers and mechanical and electrical engineers. They have appointed the following firms to join the team:
• Archial Architects (they were the architects for Curl Aberdeen ),
• Blyth and Blyth as civil and structural engineers
• Mechanical and electrical engineers for the project will be announced within the next few days, effectively completing the core design team.

These firms will now take the project forward based on the project brief and schedule of accommodation agreed by the Trust, its technical advisers and the Project Managers. There is master programme detailing each of the stages of the project and, if maintained, completion is scheduled for the end of September 2010. The next key stage will be the application for outline planning permission scheduled for May, with the detailed planning application penciled in for July.

Information updates
Andy Heer of Forth Business Systems has volunteered to design a new website for the Trust ( and the Subscribing Trustees aim to use it to keep curlers abreast of progress during the spring and summer. They hope to have plans on view at the RCCC AGM on 20th June, at The Highland Show and at the Kinross Show on 8th August.

Membership of the Trust will open shortly to all curlers who intend to curl at the new facility and, subject to any conditions attached to its charitable status, the Trust will probably levy a small annual fee in return for membership. Members will be eligible to vote and the intention is to hold the first Kinross Curling Trust AGM this autumn where, amongst other items, elections will be held for the six local Trustee positions.

Funding for the construction costs needs to be secured before the building contract is awarded. The largest contributor will be sportscotland and the Subscribing Trustees are maintaining close contact with them about the format and timing of the grant application and its decision-making timetable. The Trust has also provided the RCCC and the RCCC Trust with the current outline estimates of the construction costs of the proposed RCCC offices and museum so that these bodies can firm up their requirements and source the necessary funding contributions. The Trust will shortly be opening discussions with other potential grant-making bodies and financial institutions.

However, as explained at the meeting on 5 February, local curlers and members of the Trust will be expected to make a contribution to the costs of the facility they will own. A fund-raising sub committee is being set up by Linda Young with the intention of launching a variety of schemes aimed at raising money from individuals, clubs, provinces etc over the coming months. In the meantime, the Subscribing Trustees would welcome approaches from any local curler who is prepared to help fund the project as the project moves now into a fairly intensive phase over the next few months.

14th April 2009

The contact details of the Subscribing Trustees (Jamie Montgomery, Bob Tait and Colin Grahamslaw) are also in the news update, but I have not included these here. Suggest you contact the Royal Club if after reading the above you need more information.

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