Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Scottish Curler environmental issues

A quick thank you to those who completed the recent survey of readership habits. The results threw up some surprises. Of particular interest was where subscribers tended to read the magazine, and the concern that the magazine itself should be easily recyclable.

The publishers have responded to this concern, and I'm pleased to say that the April edition of the Scottish Curler magazine has being printed on environmentally friendly paper. The printing has been outsourced all season, and Dumfries based printers, Stan Still stationery and printing, have tied in with one of Canada's foremost paper suppliers, Kruger Products, for the last two print runs. Kruger of course are the sponsors of the Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship.

The new paper is made from bleached kraft pulps with relatively little refining of the stock, but it is slightly creped, a process which softens the paper but makes it fairly weak, allowing it to disintegrate in water. You can see an example here.

I hope all readers will applaud this new initiative.

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  1. Love it Bob, I'm liking McWombles suggestion on the Forum, I could commission a special print run of one particular face for personal use!!