Friday, April 24, 2009

Shots of the year

Now, you understand, I'm not suffering from withdrawal symptoms yet, but I wanted just to point out CurlTV's selection of 'Shots of the Year' here. There's thirty of them, some, like Glenn Howard's last stone against Saskatchewan in the Brier, are quite exceptional. You can sign in to vote for your top five. Or just enjoy watching some great shotmaking!

There's one shot missing of course. The most talked about shot of the year is surely Kevin Martin's throwaway in the tenth end of the Ford World Championship final against Scotland. I would vote for that one!

And just a little note to CurlTV. One their home page there is a trail to Kris Laudien's report on what's happening in Cortina this week. No, CurlTV, it's not the World Mixed, it's the World MIXED DOUBLES. Canada doesn't have a national mixed doubles championship, of course. Perhaps if the Canadian Curling Association was to hold such, then the media on that side of the pond might pick up on this great discipline of the sport of curling. I've never let accuracy stand in the way of a good story myself in the past, of course, but I intend to turn over a new leaf! Getting names right, that's the first challenge.

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