Thursday, April 09, 2009

Trainspotting at Skip

I've always wanted to be one! I was brought up near the Corkerhill Sheds, on the Paisley Canal Line. Steam trains were very much part of my childhood, and in recent years I have wallowed a bit in the nostalgia whenever possible. Skip Cottage sits beside the main West Coast Rail Line and very occasionally I've seen, heard and smelled the 'romance' of past years. Today, thanks to a reminder from my friend Copey (who has an even bigger anorak than I have), I was out with the camera!

This is 46115 Scots Guardsman making good speed up Annandale, past Skip Cottage in Wamphray Parish, pulling the Great Britain 11, The Railway Touring Co's railtour from London, via Penzance, and up to Inverness. Today was the Preston - Glasgow leg.

For anyone interested, London Midland and Scottish Railway Royal Scot Class 6115 was built in 1927 by the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow. It was named Scots Guardsman in 1928 after the Scots Guards. It starred in the 1936 film Night Mail. 6115 was rebuilt in 1947 and renumbered 46115 by British Railways after nationalisation in 1948.

It was withdrawn from service in 1965. 46115 was purchased by the West Coast Railway Company and in 2008 was restored to main-line running standard.

And as an extra treat here are two black fives pulling out of Lockerbie station today after taking on water. They are LMS Class 5MT 4-6-0 no 45231 Sherwood Forrester and LMS Class 5MT 4-6-0 no 45407 Lancashire Fusilier. These will pull the Great Britain 11 from Glasgow to Inverness tomorrow.

Both were built by Armstrong-Whitworth, in Elswick, Newcastle, in 1936/37.

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Pics by Bob.

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