Tuesday, April 14, 2009

World Champs Home

I was surprised that there were initially so few of us at Edinburgh Airport today to welcome the team home! There was 5th man Graeme Connal and all the support staff off the flight from London at 12.40. But where was the team? They'd lost them... somewhere.

Actually, they had missed the connection in London! Most wanting to see the team home had read of the delay, and of course turned up later.

So, there was a good opportunity to have a chat to Graeme. It must have been difficult for him to have been sitting on the bench this time - last year of course he filled in for Ewan MacDonald as he recovered from his knee surgery. But Graeme was full of admiration and support for his teammates. Most don't know the hard work expected of the team alternate, late nights helping match stones are just one of the jobs. He's a great guy is Graeme. A good curler too. A very good curler. Here's a fact about Graeme you may not know. He's represented Scotland ten times at World Juniors, Europeans and Worlds, AND HAS ALWAYS COME HOME WITH A MEDAL!

Home and work commitments meant that he did not put his name forward for the Olympic Squad. Pity... Still, the final team for Vancouver gets announced at the beginning of May. No awards for guessing who four of them will be. Who will be the fifth? I wonder...

The soon-to-be-retired from being Editor (me) had time to admire Graeme's WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP GOLD MEDAL. (Sorry, I just feel like shouting it)

Of course, two hours later, there was a big crowd of friends and family to welcome the other members of the team. Here are just some of them.

And some more, with flags, banners and balloons.

And the media were waiting. All the papers had had news and photos of the win today. Now they wanted more. Even Terry Wogan had mentioned it on his popular Radio 2 morning show! (Now you know that I'm a TOG)

And here they are in action! What a welcome.

And this is what they are looking at. L-R: Peter Smith, Ewan MacDonald, David Hay, David Murdoch, Euan Byers, and Graeme Connal (finally re-united with the others).

A special welcome home for the Scottish skip from his partner Morven. And in case you are wondering - not that this family blog would ever think of indulging in smutty innuendo - that funny shaped balloon is supposed to be a champagne bottle!

Aaaaah! You add your own caption! Thanks Morven.

And here's the 'posed' shot. L-R: Peter Smith, Euan Byers, Ewan MacDonald, David Murdoch, Graeme Connal and David Hay. Once again, congratulations to you all.

Pics by Bob.


  1. Thanks for the comment Bob, you're a sweetheart!

    Too bad you weren't with us in Moncton, would've been nice to catch up! Hopefully see you in Aberdeen, if I make it there.
    Again, congrats! And great pics. I'm so, so happy for the boys.
    XO. Kat.