Monday, April 27, 2009

World Seniors begin

Goodbye then to Italy last week, where I see that the Swiss pairing of Irene Schori and Tony Mueller won the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship, see here. The Swiss team, which, incidentally, was picked to represent their country rather than win through a playdown, have yet to lose a game in two years of the World MDs event. That's quite a record. Hungary won the silver medals, and Canada the bronze. Read Sean Grassie's take on it here.

This week my attention is on what's happening in Dunedin, New Zealand. Marion Craig's Scottish women lost their first game to Japan, and Keith Prentice's side were also on the debit column to Canada.

Find the results here. Incidentally, the time difference (I think) is eleven hours. I'm writing this at 9am, and it's 8pm in Dundedin. Marion's team has another game today, against Switzerland, and will be on the ice now.

On the subject of ways to get information about the event, I note that the USA women have their own blog:, a sentiment I've shared for some years!

Photo of the outside of the Dundedin arena courtesy Anne Malcolm.

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