Friday, May 01, 2009


I had heard gossip that the television figures in China for the final of the Mount Titlis World Women's Championship had been good. I now know how good! Apparently fifty-three million Chinese watched Bingyu Wang's team win gold. How fantastic is that!

The information is revealed in Resby Coutts' interview with WCF President Les Harrison in his RockTalk section of his online curling magazine Have a listen. There's all sorts of snippets of information, like how much the WCF spends on providing its television feed, and the reasons for considering doing away with tiebreakers at World events, to mention just two.

Resby incidentally is in Dunedin at the World Seniors, and there are reports of the event on his website. The semifinals of both the men's and women's events get underway at 10pm on Friday evening (our time). Find the results here.

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