Friday, May 29, 2009


What a lovely day it has been today. Over the past week I've been getting my various containers planted up and today got them positioned - a sack barrow makes the job easy to do! These Thai earthenware pots are my favourites. I once visited the factory where they were made. In Thailand I could buy them for £1 or so, these cost a lot more than that here! But at least they last. My experience of 'frost-proof' terracotta, bought from a number of places, has found it to be not fit for purpose.

Anyway, they are potted up with surfinias, geraniums and assorted other things, mostly grown on from plug plants. I always think that it is a leap of faith to expect these to be a riot of colour in a month's time! But we'll see.

Here are the containers round the front. This is north facing side of the house, so they are in shade a lot of the time. I like hostas, as you can see.

I spent much of today though, enjoying the sun. The small pots at the back of this pic contain different fuchsias, brought on from small 99p plants. The lion pot contains Bishop's Children dahlias, grown from seed. The alpine trough was made up last year from a polystyrene fish box, and survived the winter surprisingly well.

You can see too that Skip doubles up as a rescue home for abandoned and unloved old curling stones. No stone is ever turned away, and all will find a sanctuary here in Wamphray to be cared for into their old age! But more about this, including how to sponsor your own old stone, at a later date!

I'm not a great fan of lawns. Indeed, Skip has no grass, apart from the weeds. But it's always fun to watch the neighbours at work!

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