Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flora and fauna

This is one of my favourite haunts, and no, I have no intention of saying exactly where it is. It's beside the Annan and can be just delightful on a day such as today. Facing west, it was sheltered from a strong easterly wind.

To my surprise I found that I wasn't the only one seeking some shelter from the wind. This heron was just enjoying the sun, and took just a moment or two to recover from the shock of me appearing only feet away. I tried to back off without disturbing its siesta, but after regarding me somewhat imperiously for a little, it decided to fly off. But what an exciting encounter.

This was the bit I was checking out. I discovered last year there are several areas covered with bluebells at this time of year. It's a lovely sight, and I'm afraid the camera (or my ability with the instrument) doesn't show the blue sheen to best advantage.

Here's a close up though. They are there!

I got back to Skip and was sitting in the garden
(1) Admiring my recent hard work
(2) Thinking that I need to stop taking pictures of trains and get on with the weeding.
Your choice!

Then another close encounter. A sparrowhawk flew past my nose, round the corner of the cottage at speed, in the direction of the bird feeders (shown here). I headed in the other direction, into the house, and got the shots below through the glass of the conservatory.

Here it is, perched on top of the dyke. OK, so the pic is not as sharp as it could be, but all things considered I feel quite proud of this one!

Perched on top of the bird table, wondering where all the little birds have gone. My total knowledge of sparrowhawks has come from the RSPB website here. Do check out the sound file of its call, it's quite scary. Or so my Robin told me.

All pics by Bob.

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