Saturday, May 16, 2009


It doesn't seem like nearly thirty years ago that the roots of the Reform Curling Club were laid down at the Greenacres rink. The club has grown over the years and I am very proud to have been associated with it over its lifetime, at one time its president. Actually, I'm very proud to have been made an Honorary Member! It has an interesting format. It is skip's entry, with three others of any age, gender or ability. Currently there are some thirty-two teams, playing in four leagues, with promotion and relegation! Competitive, yet fun.

Last night was the club's AGM, annual dinner, and presentation of prizes, and a most enjoyable evening it was. Held at Greenacres, there was a splendid meal and lots of banter! Gordon Addison was the guest speaker. Brian Heron is the incoming president. George McConnell is now the immediate past president. And the keystone who has held things together for twenty-nine years is secretary Michael Burton!

I particularly enjoyed Jim Jamieson's grace:

O Lord, please
For the 29th time receive our thankful grace
For all you blessings on this place
Forgive us for being here
For drinking wine and supping beer.

O Lord, please
While all our winners receive their well won cheers
Bless us who are suffering from relegation fears
And now our Karen's made the Olympic team
Help her fulfil every curler's dream.

O Lord, please
Help us pray for Elma and her dinner crew
For all our guests - and even Richard too!
We thank you Lord for all that's good
For curling fellowship, for wine and ample food.

The club is full of initiative. The 'Touring Club' has been to Andorra and Prague, and arrangements are well in hand for Latvia in October!

I look forward to seeing many more Reform fleeces on the rink at Greenaces and elsewhere in Scotland's curling rinks long into the future!

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