Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Steam locomotives are practically human

So Spring Watch is back on air, and I look forward to Gordon Buchanan's insight into badgers in this series, but if you have a hankering after something more nostalgic, be aware that the BBC Archive is currently highlighting some of their gems about steam trains!

Now, this blog post comes with a warning. DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK unless you have hours to spend wallowing in the past. I particularly enjoyed the film of the Flying Scotsman trying to recreate its famous non-stop London-Edinburgh journey in 1968 (that's 40 minutes' worth already). What fabulous footage, including aerial shots.

And my second favourite in a long list, is a little black and white silent Children's Newsreel feature, just four minutes, which was first broadcast in 1952. It's called A Dog's Day Out. Watch and enjoy, I guarantee it will make you smile!

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