Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top teams sign up for the Glynhill

I learned yesterday that Debbie McCormick's USA champions, the team which will be that country's representatives at the 2010 Olympics, will be competing at the Glynhill International at Braehead, January 15-17, next year. Mirjam Ott's Swiss side, the current European Champions, is also amongst those teams which have already indicated their intention to take part. See the latest news update about the event here.

The update was issued by co-organiser Judith McFarlane, who skipped her own team in the competition last year. There's a pic of her in organiser mode here!

It's called the Glynhill because that's the hotel where the competitors stay and which is one of the main supporters of the event. The other sponsors are listed on the event website, and of course the event got underway because of the financial legacy of the World Women's Championship at Paisley in 2005. It's the only women's Champions Tour event in Scotland.

I've mentioned Judith, but what about the other co-organiser? Has she been living quietly? Not a bit of it. The skip of the most successful and longest together team in Scotland, Kirsty Letton (on the right in the photo below), was team bonding in Edinburgh recently where the pic was taken. Judy Mackenzie is in the driving seat, with Anne MacDougall and Pat Orr dressed for the road behind!

Top photo of Debbie McCormick at the Mount Titlis Worlds in Gangneung is by Hugh Stewart. Kirsty's Demons is courtesy of the team, Ian Mackin and Trike Tours Scotland.

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