Monday, June 15, 2009

Close encounters

Not having been well for a few days, I enjoyed putting the feet up tonight to watch the first of the Springwatch 'specials'. Close Encounters had wildlife cameraman and naturalist Simon King revealing the tricks of his trade in getting up close and personal with a variety of wild creatures. It was a lovely programme, and you can watch it online for the next ten days or so here.

I would love to have the patience and ability to get closer to wildlife with the camera, and was just thinking how much of an impossibility that would be. I was heading for an early bed, and out of the bathroom window, in the field next to Skip, I see a roe deer! I grabbed the camera, changed the lens, crept out the back door and moved stealthily round the side of the house. And there she was - looking straight at me, above. So much for learning lessons from watching Simon!

After checking me out for a moment or two, off back across the field she (?) went, stopping twice to have another look back at me. It's the first time I've seen a deer so close to the house, although I see them often at night on the service road coming down from Moffat. They are a hazard on this stretch of road. I wonder if the garden is now in danger? Must ask the neighbours if they have been visited. Anyway I hope you enjoy sharing my 'Bambi' moment.

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