Saturday, June 13, 2009

Copland's Monument

I escaped from the garden and computer today to explore a new part (for me anyway) of Dumfries and Galloway, on the west side of Annandale. Here the May blossom is at its best, looking across to Upper Minnygap and Nether Minnygap.

It's fun to pick a feature on the map, and seek it out. Copland's Monument sounded intriguing. I kid you not. This is what this odd monument looks like, on the moor above the delightfully named Brunthass Burn near Nether Minnygap. I have been unable to find out (yet) who this Copland was. The monument is marked on the first edition of the OS 6 inch map which was completed for Dumfriesshire in 1858.

Anyway, talking of Copey, you may like to follow my friend's adventures and his interests in ships and ferries. Check out the Clyde Shipping site here. You need to register, but it is free, and what an interesting collection of websites. As are Robin's recent perambulations in the Western Isles, in the Foghorn forum.

Anyway, I had company on today's walk! This is Tally.

What's this on the road?

Wildlife encounters! Fortunately, as a big fan of Springwatch which had discussed this problem this week, I knew not to be too concerned about this baby owl, and that its mother would not be far away. Certainly, when I returned an hour later, it had moved, hopefully to a safer place in the wood beside the road!

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  1. I was randomly searching my home, Upper Minnygap farm, in google and I was pleasently pleased to find these pictures and this blog. We don't get many people up our way and the pictures are great, nice to know others are able to appreciate the beauty of my childhood and adult home! The only sad thing being that they want to cover the land in concrete and wind turbines..destroying a wild and beautiful habitat and turning it into an industrial power station which will supply little to the grid and even less in terms of stopping climate change.
    Enjoy it while you can
    Joe Burchell