Friday, June 19, 2009

Curlink rink at Dumfries

The possibility that Dumfries Ice Bowl will have a second ice pad, dedicated to curling, has come a step closer this week. Currently the rink's ice is shared by curlers, skaters and ice hockey players. The adjacent indoor bowling facility is underused, and it has been proposed that this be converted into a curling rink.

There was a consultation, and earlier this week the Council resources committee agreed to go ahead with the proposal to replace the bowling hall with a second ice pad for curling at an estimated cost of £900,000, pending a successful funding application to sportscotland to assist with costs. The committee has already approved a £1.6 million upgrade to the refrigeration plant and refurbishment of the building. The Dumfries Standard has the story here.

Not all are happy. The directors of Lockerbie's rink, a privately owned facility, have expressed concern that expansion at Dumfries could lead to closure of their rink. The Lockerbie rink has already received funding to upgrade that facility, and this all was completed at the beginning of last season, see here.

This bowling rink will disappear and local curlers will benefit if the new plans for the Ice Bowl go ahead. Those involved at the Dumfries rink have certainly been pro-active in recent months and have to be commended. There are plans to bring the World Junior Championships to the region. The Homecoming Camp will go ahead next month, July 19-25. And the Summerspiel, July 17-19, has been well supported.

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