Friday, June 05, 2009

June's plant of the month

Yesterday and this morning it was dull, cold, and a bit miserable. Ideal conditions for getting the painting started inside. Then at lunchtime today the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful afternoon. Garden time. It's quite amazing how much growth there has been in the last week. I've selected this as my 'plant of the month'. Can you recognise it from the closeup above?

It's Clematis Broughton Star. Find more about this clematis with its double pink flowers here. I only have three clematis in the garden, and lots of room for more. This is on a trellis on one side of a raised vegetable bed. It has taken a few years to get established but apparently likes its position, and it looks great at this time of year.

This is June's runner-up. It's an old fashioned peony, one of two which were already in the garden when I moved in. It reminds me of my uncle, whose love of growing things passed to me when, as a wee boy, I used to spend holidays with him and my aunt in Dumbarton in the fifties. He grew 'paeony roses' as he called them. Unlike so many flowers these days which don't have much scent (or it may just be me), this smells really great. Just scratch the screen and check it out!

Peonies have been grown in China for twenty five hundred years and are well known as long lived - there are plantings in Asian temple gardens 100 years old and more. One reason for their long life is that they have no natural enemies! According to fable, the peony is named after Paeon, the physician who cured the wounds received by the gods in the Trojan war. The seeds were worn round the neck as a charm against the 'powers of darkness'.

Pics by Bob.

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