Monday, June 22, 2009

More rainbows

After a few weeks of dry weather, Skip eventually had a good soaking last week. The showers produced some good rainbows, here seen over Gateside.

The perennials have made good growth and the bottom of the garden is looking at its best.

I have a seat at the bottom of the garden, but if I sit there any longer than a minute or two I see things that need to be done!

The potatoes are doing well in the new raised beds and I should be eating these next week. The poppies were grown from seed last year. I usually grow a few things from seed each year, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. This year it has been dahlias and nasturtiums - both doing well - and this weekend I pricked out wallflower, honesty and sweet william biennials.

Talking about rainbows, it is great to see friends' children grow up and do well. It seemed just yesterday when I was playing with two toddlers, but Moira and Allan Gaw's son Stephen and daughter Alexandra celebrated twenty-first and eighteenth birthdays this weekend.

Thanks to Alex and Stephen for including this old codger in their birthday celebrations.

I hope they find pots of gold at the end of their rainbows!

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