Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ogle Linn

Today was my weekly walk... and I ventured out again onto the Raehills Estate, near St Ann's. I had the camera with me again to do some Geographing. Four new squares, so that was fun. OK, not everyone would think that Mollin Moor is the most attractive place in Scotland, but on a day like today, warm and sunny, I could not have been any happier to be there. The pic above is of a little burn called Ogle Linn (this is not an instruction).

Wildlife encounters were with some horse flies which found me very tasty. Or they might have been clegs. Anyway, if you are interested in insects in the order Diptera, family Tabanidae, this is the place to start. These things fair packed a bite!

Then I had a real 'Bambi' moment when I nearly stood on a young fawn sheltering in the long grass and bracken! One more step and I would have been on top of it. As it was, I think I was the one who got the bigger fright! It jumped up, I fell back, it ambled off, I picked myself up, and then I had to find my camera which I had dropped in the excitement. And no, I didn't get a pic!

The estate manages its deer well. So I wish this little fawn a long and happy life, and a quick painless end when it comes to that.

Anyway, back to my favourite burns and Ogle Linn. It's interesting how a name on a map does trigger a train of thought. How many Lynnes, Lins, or Lynns do I know in curling? I note that Lynne Fraser, who is currently the Area Curling Developement Officer for Inverness, is giving up her post after three years in the job. Well done to Lynne for her hard work. The post is being advertised here.

It seems to be the season for retirals. George Karrys, the World Curling Federation's Media Relations Officer, is standing down at the end of this month, see here.

Having spent a couple of years living, working, and curling in the USA, I follow what's happening there quite closely. I note the news today (here) that Ed Lukovich, Canadian and World Champion, who has been the athlete development director with the United States Curling Association for nine years, is also giving up. The US teams for the Vancouver Olympics have already been decided in their trials competition. Brad Norman gives his take on the move here.

More Ogle Linn to ogle.

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