Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Curling for Tain?

Curling could return to the North if a group of enthusiasts have their way. The rink at Brora closed in 2006 but hopes that another rink might be built, perhaps at Tain, have been awakened by the news of the establishment of the North Highland Curling Trust whose remit is 'to investigate the viability of re-establishing a curling facility north of Inverness'. The website is here. Check it out, sign the guestbook, and wish the venture every success.

Those involved with the NHCT include Ian MacKay (chair), Brian Weaver, Allan MacLennan, Emma Deeth (secretary), Richard MacKenzie, Joyce MacLennan, Scott Lyon and Helen Lyon.

Stimulated by the above, I checked out the websites of the other curling trusts on the go at the moment. The Fife Curling Trust has news of its fundraising efforts towards the rink at Cupar. I have purchased some raffle tickets. Have you?

The Kinross Curling Trust is behind the new rink at Kinross and the National Curling Academy. Given that their website here was set up (presumably) to facilitate communication and stimulate interest in the progress of the project, it is disappointing that the website has had no new posts since the initial spring newsletter. Are we to take it that 'no news is good news'? I wonder.

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  1. Yes I have my raffles for the Fife Curling Trust.
    They have a very good website don't they? Kinross had 85000 visitors last weekend .An opportunity too good to miss! I hope some of the Kinross Curling Trust Fundraisers were at the gates of T in The Park with their collection buckets!!