Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dumfries Summerspiel

It was a grey day outside, but inside the Dumfries Ice Bowl the Summerspiel was in full blast. Here's just a taste!

This was the team described as 'Camp Instructors'. I think they are indeed camp enough.
L-R: Judith McFarlane, Mark Neeleman, Marianne Neeleman and Katja Kiiskinen.

Sandy Morton

And here he is again having a wee snooze with the rest of the Millport CC team - Anne and Frank Mapes and Willie Macintyre.

Angie Malone was in fine form.

Claire Sloan drives her sweepers.

As does Robin Gray, with a little body language to encourage the stone further!

Good to see Robin back on the ice!

Ireland - Gray was up against John Noble's team from the Ardsley CC in New York, USA.

Joyance Meechai played third stones for the US side. 'Chok dee, Joyance'

Holland Juniors

Caption required!

Marianne Neeleman

Bill Gray

Andy Cameron

Ross Whyte ready to sweep mum Alison's stone.

Spanish girls

Irish caption time.

Gordon Gilchrist's mixed team also wore the kilt.

Should we point out to Judith that it's rude to point!

Claire laying down the law!

Skip Cottage is a great admirer of Kat's eyes.

Zack Stewart and Jim Hogg

Rosemary Lenton and Shari Leibbrandt

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