Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eating the garden

The only problem about spending the last ten days or so immersed in summer curling activities has been that Skip garden has been rather neglected. The growth over the past few weeks has been rampant, and fortunately not all of it has been weeds. The overall impression of the bottom of the garden is quite pleasing, with a lot of things in flower, as above.

Two of my favourites are these pink astilbes, and Crocosmia 'Lucifer', which I should have staked a bit better than I did.

But this is my plant of the week - Aconitum, common name Monkshood. If you are at all interested in the medicinal or toxicological properties of plants, then this is a cracker! All you want to know about the various monkshoods is here. Then wash your hands... thoroughly!

The vegetable garden has been doing OK. I am overwhelmed with potatoes! The purple sprouting broccoli has provided a couple of meals. My favourite herb is coriander, here growing in a little container and much better than anything from the shops in my Thai stir fries. The container grown dwarf runner beans are flowering, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they crop. Needless to say various butterflies and moths are enjoying finding play areas at Skip for their caterpillars.

Chard looks colourful on the seed packet, and this is my first attempt at growing it. I ended up searching for the best way to cook it, and when I find a recipe that is successful, I'll let you know.

I have a couple of containers of cut and come again salad leaves, and these have been great, as long as I remember to keep a succession going. I went out to cut some leaves at the weekend only to discover that something, or someone, had got there before me, and completely cropped the lot.

I suspect it was this cute little fellow, or one of its friends. I watched him (or her) sitting on top of the stone wall. Now, I was surprised to learn that rabbits can climb walls! But I can assure you they do. Maybe it's a Wamphray thing. Anyway, by the time I had fetched the camera, she/he had come down off the wall and was investigating the garden just outside the patio, unaware of me taking this pic through the glass. Seconds later though I got noticed, and perhaps mistaking the camera for a shotgun, he/she/it was off.

I just wish the rabbits would eat the weeds!

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  1. Hi Bob

    Northern gardener here! Believe it or believe it not a garden I do at Cragganmore has rabbits that get in "over" a fence by running up the diagonal strainer posts then eat all the grass that grows where it shouldn't in th border! Its a bugger as they make you think you've got it weeded and then from nowhere theres this strong clump of grass surrounded by nibbled ones! Enjoy the blogs especially the train and garden editorials