Thursday, July 23, 2009

A hippo ate my curling stones

There were two interesting curling-related items in today's news. First was that the owners of Myres Castle, Auchtermuchty, have adorned their old curling pond with three bronze hippopotamuses, created by Tessa Campbell Fraser, see here.

One has to wonder what will happen when the pond freezes over, or, as Sandy Morton asks, "Can they sweep?"

The other item I woke up to on the Radio 2 news. In my half asleep state, I thought at first I had dreamt it! Apparently someone has stolen a third of all the curling stones in Australia! They were being used at the new Docklands rink, and stored temporarily in a refrigerated trailer during the school holidays when the rink was being used for skating.

The BBC story is here, accompanied by a photo of Eve Muirhead, apparently now the face of curling. Other reports are here (which has the predictable headline 'No stone unturned: hunt for stolen curling rocks', and which describes curling as an 'obscure' sport), and here (which blames a 'slippery' thief).

The new rink in the Docklands development in Melbourne has had an interesting history, which is described in this YouTube video here.

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