Saturday, July 25, 2009

Homecoming Camp rounds up

The Homecoming Scotland International Curling Camp wound up today. I enjoyed having the opportunity to observe some of the activities on and off the ice during the week. It was great, as always, to see young people enjoying themselves, making friends, and learning more about this great sport of ours. I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the campers, the professionalism of the instructors, and the unflappability of the organisers, Judith McFarlane and Graham Sloan. Stamina should also get a mention in there too!

The photo above captured the camp for me - that's Lauren Baxter and Maggie Wilson on ice on Friday. Previous blog posts with pics of the camp are here and here.

The Bravehearts, naturally enough, produced this Mel Gibson lookalike for their themed presentation at the 'performance night' on Thursday.

The Scots successfully defeated the English, as in the script.

The Highlanders had a cunning idea to bribe the judges (David Horne, Marion Murdoch and me) with some Highlander crisps!

You had to be there!

Serious talent on display as Ruth and Carlos entertained us all.

Chariot races.

Puck curling.

Camp? What's camp?

The Howkit Tatties provided the music for a ceilidh for campers and some one hundred others at the Barony on Friday night. Great fun.

Scotland meets Spain in one example of international understanding and friendship. Or it could be a knobbly knees competition, I'm not sure!

And here are the campers, instructors and organisers dressed up for the occasion. Click on the photo to see larger size.

Pics by Bob.

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