Sunday, July 19, 2009

July curling

L-R: Robin Gray, Bill Gray, Neil Fyfe and John Furey were undefeated in five games to win the inaugural Dumfries Summerspiel.

The first Dumfries Summerspiel was a success, thanks in no small measure to the efforts of Graham Sloan, the local ACDO. At the presentation of prizes, I've never heard an organiser get a louder or more sustained ovation. Deservedly so. Well done Graham.

Jim Hogg calls line as Andy Cameron has a quick moment of meditation...

... prior to playing his last stone.

John-Jo Kenny and Tony Tierney ponder their position in their final game against Robin Gray's Irish rivals.

"I've measured it five times Claire, but I can't get it in your favour." Other captions are available, please add below.

Angie Malone and her team were in the top four of the low road, but were edged by the US side skipped by John Noble.

The Spanish juniors got the better of Ian Dyer's locals in the last game of the Low Road.

Carlos Vega, Ivan Martinez, Pello Roldan and Sergio Vez Labrador, the juniors from Spain, won the Low Road. Here with Robin Vevers of Johnston Tractors, the sponsor, who presented the prizes.

Not something you see every day, but it was my first summerspiel! Guess whose knees.

Tattooed feet! No names, no pack drill. It's the Dumfries Summerspiel!

All pics by Bob.

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