Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mole is dead

This will hopefully not be a heartbreak for fans of Wind in the Willows, but Mole is dead. The mystery is, "Who killed Mole?"

I found a dead mole in Skip garden last week. That was strange enough. But then a second dead mole appeared on Thursday, just at the gate. Not a mark on it. What had happened?

Apparently this is not an unusual phenomenon (see here) as young moles leave, or are driven out of the nest. Why they are found dead seems to be a bit of a mystery. Any suggestions?

"One morning in Devon
I found a dead mole
with the dew still beading it.
I had thought the mole

a big-boned coulter
but there it was,
small and cold
as the thick of a chisel."

Seamus Heaney

Two points about the photo. Did you notice the little tail? The mole measured five inches nose to tail.


  1. Hi Bob, Cant explain why they die but if it is contagious can you send it up to Longmorn where I have Himalayan peaks appearing in a nicely mowen lawn I tend!


  2. Yes, Gordie. Most gardeners would certainly prefer NOT to have any moles anywhere near their gardens. I don't mind... you see, there's no lawns at Skip!

    Actually, I've seen no sign of mole activity anywhere in the garden this year. Nor for that matter in the fields around the cottage. Which makes finding these two dead ones really rather strange.

    Someone will have an explanation, I'm sure!

  3. I saw a large chick down on the beach recently and was informed that it had been probably dropped by a crow or a seagull having stolen it from a nest. There its possible that the mole may have been picked up by another bird in similar circumstances. Just your 'luck' it was your doorstep.

  4. Hi Bob,
    Just catching up with your Blog.
    I too get dead moles. My cat brings them as wee pressies for me. Have you got a friendly pussy in your area ?
    Lynne x