Monday, July 13, 2009

We like blogs

As you probably know, I've been blogging away now for a couple of years. Indeed, my first post on Curling Today was on April 22, 2007, and that blog contains more than 860 entries.

Skip Cottage 'launched' on March 23, and yesterday's post was number 100! My blog reflects how my mind works and if it reminds you of liquorice allsorts then so be it. I enjoy blogging. It's easy to do. And to see how many blogallies read my ramblings regularly encourages me to continue. Mind you, I'm not sure whether the eclectic mix of content is to everyone's taste!

I worry sometimes that those who follow the blog really think that my whole life is here. It's not, of course. Life is full of ups and downs and the latter doesn't go online. But the Skip Cottage blog is certainly part of me, and it will be interesting to see how it develops as the curling season gets underway again in a couple of months. Please contact me if you have any ideas, complaints, or requests.

I like blogs, and I follow the efforts of a number of fellow bloggers, in a number of different subject areas, including curling of course. At the RCCC Ladies' Branch AGM (see here), incoming LB President Kay Gibb mentioned to me that she hoped to start a blog to facilitate communication with members. Her efforts are now online here in her President's Page.

Well done Kay! Power to your efforts, and of course it's not the first time that the ladies of the Royal Club have led the way forward!

PS I learned today that Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts were created by accident in 1899, when Charlie Thompson, a salesman for Bassett's, visited a wholesaler with a sample of liquorice and cream paste specialities - chips, rocks, buttons, nuggets, plugs and twists. Each item was offered to the wholesaler and in turn was refused. The salesman clumsily gathered his samples boxes together, knocking them over and spilling the colourful sweets on the counter. The wholesaler saw more attraction in the 'mixed' sweets and placed an order. The salesman named them Liquorice Allsorts. See, Skip Cottage is nothing if not educational.

All you might want to know about liquorice is here. My initial training in biochemistry was in the area of steroid hormones, so I learned that one of the effects of the active constituents of liquorice was as an enzyme inhibitor in cortisol metabolism.

And the active ingredients in liquorice can alter a man's sex drive, apparently, by reducing the levels of circulating testosterone. Liquorice is fine in moderation, but don't eat too much!

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