Monday, August 24, 2009

Alternative barbecue

I am very proud to be the Hon Pres of the Alternative Curling Club which was formed in the mid 80s by a group of beginners and improvers who had attended drop-in classes on Sunday nights at Greenacres. The name arose because the club met every other week, with a play on words 'alternate' and 'alternative'! It then joined the list of clubs with interesting names, such as Between the Sheets CC and the 69 Club!

The ACC continues to flourish all these years later, with thirty-two members. Saturday was the annual barbecue.

Host Ian Rodney, who some may remember as the originator of Hoggie, the cartoon character in the Scottish Curler, had prepared for the worst! But there was no need for the wellies and it was a fine evening.

Tours of the garden at Alvis Cottage were on offer.

And here is Ian with an unusual artistic garden feature which we like!

And then we had to catch our food for the evening.

The Alternative CC spares no expense on its trophies for its out-of-season social events.

President George Manson was in charge of the barbecue.

But there was an 'alternative' in case of culinary disasters outside. Thanks Sally.

Hard working secretary David Robertson.

Some of the club's history was on view.

As was Mary Robertson with her buns!

Special toilet facilities

Paul, Mhairi, George, Janice, Mary, Sally, Gillian and David are all original members.

There was another reason for celebration - David's 60th birthday!

Highlight of the evening was a spectacular firework display. OK, I exaggerate, but it was fun. Here pyromaniacs Ian and George get organised. Perhaps this should be the caption competition? "I think this one goes 'BANG', George!"


Satisfaction is a lit Roman candle.

And we finished with the £5 rocket! Appropriately, this IS International Rocket Week, at Largs, see here.


  1. The rockets at Largs are fantastic - and noisy. The hoogalin and I will be attending.

  2. Thanks for the blog Bob. Jock and I could not be there this year as we were busy being blown through the Dorus Mhor to Croabh Haven. At least the weather faired up for the evening. Great to see the pics of the event though. Fiona Laidlaw