Friday, August 14, 2009

Catch a falling star

It hardly seems like two years since the great Abbamania celebration to mark my coming of (Senior Railcard) age (a reminder here). How quickly the years go by as you get older, as my mother predicted when I was a youngster and I complained, for one of the only times in my life, that I was bored!

Life is not a rehearsal of course, and I've packed a fair few things into my 62 years. I've not had a boring life. I've taken a few months recently to decide what I'll do now that putting the Scottish Curler together is in my past. I'll let you know my decision soon, after I've stopped enjoying myself at the Edinburgh Festivals!

But I was in a reflective mood as I lay back on a chair outside in Skip garden on Wednesday night for an hour after midnight staring intently at the sky. The Great Bear and the Pole star were very clear for a while, although light pollution, even in Wamphray, makes star gazing not quite as spectacular as it can be. I wanted to see the Perseids.

I stayed awake, thanks in particular to lots of eerie noises from the dark depths of the garden! And my patience was rewarded with quite a number of meteorite tracks crossing the sky before, predictably, it clouded over and I retired to bed.

(The photo above by Rick Scott and Joe Orman is from this website, which has lots of information about the Perseids)

As a birthday treat to myself I decided to have a caricature/sketch done by a street artist yesterday in Edinburgh. That was great fun! Of the people who passed by as I was sitting, almost all looked at what was being sketched, looked at me, looked back at the sketch... and smiled!

I was relieved when half way through the exercise, one passer-by did the above, then gave me a thumbs up!

And here it is. I think she's taken years off my age, don't you?

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  1. Hi Bob,
    Not sure of the exact date of your birthday but I hope it is a very happy day x