Thursday, August 06, 2009

Exploring the Dales 2

My explorations of the Yorkshire Dales continue. Yesterday, the experience was enhanced by the opportunity to photograph the Statesman Rail excursion, the Fellsman, from Lancaster to Carlisle over the Settle-Carlisle line. This has proved to be very popular on Wednesdays throughout the summer, and has been a sellout every time. See the details here. The photo is of the train not long after leaving Garsdale for the climb up to Ais Gill.

An old friend of this blog (here), LMS Royal Scot Class 46115 ‘Scots Guardsman’, was doing the hard work yesterday.

As a big fan of Anne McCaffrey's fantasy world of Pern (for some explanation see here), I loved the name of this pub in Hardraw.

In the grounds of the Green Dragon Inn is England's highest (above ground) waterfall, Hardraw Force.

The fall needs something to give it scale. Here's another pic with Brian Alderman (six feet). Brian was my guide for yesterday's activities. He says Hi to all his curling friends from past times. Incidentally, he is a part time guide at the restored Gayle Mill.

Life goes on at a more leisurely pace in the Dales.

This bronze statute at Garsdale Station is of Ruswarp (pronounced 'Russup'). It's a sad, yet heartwarming story. Graeme Nuttal was one of those involved in trying to save the Carlisle-Settle line from closure in the 1980s. He died when walking in the Welsh mountains early in 1990. His body was not found for eleven weeks, and unbelievably his companion Ruswarp, a fourteen year old collie, was still alive and had remained close by. The full story is here.

All you want to know about the statue and how it was made is on a great blog here.

And here is the Fellsman again, on the return journey from Carlisle, passing through Garsdale Station at speed.

Perhaps not so romantic, but my main transport yesterday was reliably and comfortably provided by Northern Rail.

All pics © Skip Cottage.

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