Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it still summer?

A query on the Scottish Curling Forum (here) about summerspiels has got me wondering whether the successful events at Dumfries and at Sirling might be repeated next year.

The curler looking for information hails from Irma, Alberta, population around 450. The town has a summerspiel in early August, which looks a lot of fun, and attracts seventy teams! That is a neat three sheet rink shown on the website, or is it a four sheeter? Search as I might I haven't been able to find any pics (yet) from this year's event but I presume it went off OK. Perhaps they need the services of Bob the Blogger?

And perhaps summerspiels should have 'twins', and swop teams and hospitality? Could we twin Dumfries with Irma? Or copy some of their ideas, like the golf and steak? Or even have a parade?

Who said I was missing the curling season? Not long to go now. First rink with ice would seem to be Stirling, which is already advertising its 'Come and Try' on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August, see here. Actually, THAT'S JUST ELEVEN DAYS TIME!

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  1. Hi Bob

    Elgin due to start 31st August