Friday, August 21, 2009

Maria at the station

Lots of funny things happen at stations. Apart, that is, from trains arriving and departing.

Have a look at what went on in Antwerp Central Station on March 23 this year. The original link is here.

Thanks to the Skip Cottage blogspy who picked up on the connection between trains and musical theatre which she thought I would enjoy. She was right. Hope you enjoyed it too.

It was in fact a promotional stunt by a Belgian TV Station for their reality TV programme to find a Maria to play the leading role in The Sound of Music! Sound familiar?

Added later:
And if you think something like this couldn't happen here, well it did. See here. And how it was done here. At Liverpool Street Station in January. Thanks to wee jock for flagging this up, in the comments below. Life's for sharing, indeed! In stations too.

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    Bob, this was my original favourite on a very similar theme.