Monday, August 17, 2009

Monsoon gardening

What miserable weather it has been recently. Skip has seen a couple of inches of rain in as many days, and it seems more like winter rather than mid-August. Still, I always look forward to the odd rainbow, as you will remember here, and here.

Despite the rain, the containers are looking OK. These bright red geraniums were grown on from plugs!

Plant of the month though is the dahlia. I grew these Bishop's Children from seed this spring. They have done well in a couple of containers, such as here.

And here. As long as I can be bothered deadheading them, they will do well for quite a while yet.

In front here is one of a number of fuchsias I've grown on from large plugs. Colourful, but still fairly small.

Hard to believe, but this large clump of pink spray dahlias is just one plant. It started off from seed four years ago. I've left the tubers in the ground over the winters since then. I really thought that it had not come through the severe cold spell last winter, and indeed the shoots took a while to appear in the spring. But look at them now.

Bees are always welcome at Skip and seem to like the dahlias!

They make lovely cut flowers.

I haven't needed to top up the pond recently! And note that, despite the clouds and rain, a water lily is making a valiant attempt to flower.

Photos © Skip Cottage.

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  1. Lovely shots of the Dahlias! My garden has been graced with 'Bishop's Children' for the first time this season. Mine were grown from a seed packet... Forty-eight healthy plants! There are several I want to propagate for an eventual mass planting of one color and height, the rest, though worthy, will be gifted to friends...

    I'm happy to have found your website!