Tuesday, August 04, 2009

North Highland Curling Trust Survey

I mentioned recently (here) the North Highland Curling Trust which is looking at the possibility of a rink in Tain. The enthusiasts involved with the project have a simple questionnaire which they would like as many people as possible to complete, wherever you live in Scotland. You can complete the questionnaire online - follow the link from the North Highlands Curling Trust website home page. (This may be your first SurveyMonkey experience, so enjoy!)

Or you can download the form as a Word document from here. But, however you decide to do it, take a moment or two to help by filling in the questionnaire.

And while you are on the NHCT website, don't forget to sign the guest book, and look at the Fun Page.

We need more fun pages here! Or do we? Perhaps skipcottage should have a questionnaire? We could post a question, or two. Who is the curler in the photo at the top of this post? How is his name correctly pronounced? Where and when was the pic taken. By whom? What was the split time on that shot? Did he make the shot successfully? Who were the sweepers? Who was holding the broom? How much sweeping did the stone need? Who was the opposition? Who manufactured his curling top? Who won the game? What did they have to drink afterwards?

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