Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Down the Crooked Road

This is known locally as the 'Crooked Road' which leads west out of Beattock. That's Moffat in the distance. This little stretch of single-track road has a special significance for walkers, cyclists and those on horseback. The Southern Upland Way, the No 10 National Cycle route, the Ae to Eskdalemuir South of Scotland Countryside trail, as well as the about to be opened Annandale Way, all are directed along this road.

Mind how you go!

This information shelter is on the Southern Upland Way, on a local path and picnic area in Earshaig Forest.

I mention it because I wasn't expecting to find photos of steam trains on my walk today. The pic is of Princess Margaret Rose steaming up Beattock in the early 1960s! (This locomotive escaped the scrapyard, see here)

This is called Earshaig Lake on my OS map. Who said the Lake of Menteith was the only 'lake' in Scotland? I wonder if anyone has ever curled on it?

I walked along a short stretch of the Southern Upland Way today. Very pleasant it was too. That's the path on the right of the pic.

These little ponds were apparently made when the Way was opened, for wildlife and to add interest. Certainly today, I was fascinated watching beautiful dragonflies.

Not all is so beautiful hereabouts!

It is autumn, and the heather is looking great!

Pics © Skip Cottage

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