Saturday, September 12, 2009

The garden in September

The garden has not had a lot of attention in the last month. In one of the wettest months on record, it was all too easy to look out of the window and think, "It doesn't look too bad." Yesterday was lovely - warm and sunny. I spent it pottering in the garden. At least that was the plan. But as I went round the garden I saw hundreds of jobs that needed to be done! The experience was more frustrating than it was enjoyable.

Still, many plants had thrived despite the poor weather. This cotoneaster is just covered in red berries. I like cotoneasters. They seem to thrive just about anywhere. In my garden at Meikle Burntshields all these years ago I used to joke that I had the National Collection!

Here's another Cotoneaster Horizontalis in the foreground, looking over to the pond. That's been a great success, and brings lots of wildlife into the garden.

Plant of the month though is this Calluna Vulgaris, Kinlochruel, a double white heather. I note I'm not the only one to highlight this as PotM for September, see here. In the pic above, it's just coming into flower and will shortly be spectacular. One of the big jobs coming up for me is to completely revamp the heather garden. After seven years it's in need of a makeover.

My 'wild garden', aka a north facing wooded slope, has been ignored again this year.

This part of the garden could be better managed and made a bit more attractive. Next year!

I was pleased to see this late visitor yesterday. Undoubtedly this Painted Lady has travelled a very long way to reach Skip Cottage, see here.

Pics by Bob.

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