Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn colour

The rain has been battering Skip all day and the wind is stripping the leaves from the trees. Autumn is here. On Thursday I had a last look around the garden before the winter hibernation! This splash of red really stood out.

Six years ago when I was setting out this level of the garden, I made a trip up to the Tree Shop at Cairndow, and came back with three small trees which I hoped would become the focal points of the garden. I haven't spent much money in the garden, but this was, for me at the time, quite a major purchase! It's taken a few years, but this Acer is becoming established and I'm sure you will agree it is making its mark. It's all to do with anthocyanins, see here!

On the other hand, this michaelmas daisy was a division from a friend and appears to like its new home. I don't know what cultivar it is, but that doesn't matter a whit!

I'm pleased to say that my neighbours got the forage maize safely gathered in!

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