Thursday, October 08, 2009

First frosts

For the past two mornings there has been a sheen of white over the fields. Cold and frosty mornings have arrived. The 'non stop' begonias immediately stopped, keeling over and dying, and heralding the demise of the summer containers (look back here and here). The priority has been this week to plant up something to add a bit of colour at the front of the house through the winter. Here's what was accomplished, looking a bit miserable at the moment. But let's see what they look like in February and March when the bulbs push through.

Someone has to tell these little Coreopsis. Grown originally as a biennial, these two plants are in their second year of flowering, and have so far taken no notice of the cold! Very cheery.

The big job next year will be to do something with the heather and shrub border.

Yes, I do sit here and ponder... occasionally.

Michaelmas daisies and Kaffir lillies still provide colour, although most of the garden is getting past its best.

Clematis tangutica 'Bill Mackenzie' is my 'plant of the month'!

The other job that did get done (and I'm not going to list all that did not) was to get one of my three compost 'bins' ready for all the leaves. Skip is surrounded by a number of very large beech trees, and will be awash with leaves soon. I'm ready for them this year!

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