Friday, March 12, 2010

More Annandale Way

I've talked about the Annandale Way before, here, when it was officially opened last September. It is my aim to walk as much of the Way this year as I'm fit to do. Not all at once of course! My days doing long distance routes ended in 1981 when a friend, Johnny McFadzean, and I walked the West Highland Way! No, the Annandale Way will be tackled in small stretches. Today, I joined the route near St Ann's.

The walk was through an area of private forestry, called Hazelbank Plantation. It was really very pleasant.

Easy walking.

Looking east towards Williamson Farm and over to the hills on the east side of Annandale, behind Skip Cottage.

Thrill of the day was encountering a red squirrel at close quarters. It saw me before I saw it, and scampered away before I could get the camera out. It was in the larch in the centre of the pic, which still had lots of cones. I wonder how the red squirrel population in Annandale enjoyed the cold winter this year? The place to find all about red squirrels in southern Scotland is here.

And I always thought this sign meant, 'No entry with dirty hands'!

A tree at the edge of the plantation caught my eye.

This old beech has suffered damage during the winter and is now in need of a good tree surgeon!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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