Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Training to Perth

I was walking from Glasgow Central Station to Queen Street Station this morning, immersed in my own thoughts, when I nearly bumped into a photographer with his camera in West George Street. Only then I looked up (you're supposed to look up ALL the time in Glasgow to see the architecture), and realised what he was admiring!

Anyway, I was quite taken with these large pictures on a wall on platform 1 at Perth Station. They date from 1995/96, part of a Perth Schools Public Art Project. The murals depict scenes at Perth Station over the years. They were produced by pupils from Perth Academy, Perth High School, Perth Grammar School and St Columba's High School as part of a project jointly supported by the schools through the local Education Department, and Scotrail.

I thought them all rather splendid, but my favourite is this one of LMS 6231 Duchess of Atholl. One of the LMS Coronation Class (or 'Big Lizzies'), it was scrapped in the early 1960s.

My transport back to Glasgow was this 170 class DMU. Not so exciting perhaps, but fast, comfortable and punctual.

Pics © Skip Cottage

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