Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daffodil days

I'm not sure whether the volcanic ash has made sunsets in Annandale any more beautiful than normal, but you can judge for yourself!

Shrubs are flowering, and the daffodils are finally putting up their best show.

You can compare this with thirteen months ago here. I think everything at Skip is about a month later than last year.

A previous inhabitant of Skip went to considerable effort to plant daffs on the road verges near the cottage.

There's quite a variety too.

I like how they have even escaped through stone dyke and fence!

It's a pity that this feast of colour will shortly be over - all too soon!

Pics © Skip Cottage

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  1. We get spectacular sunsets in Idaho whenever there is a forest fire nearby. Too bad it takes a natural disaster to make the sunsets even more beautiful. Love the daffs. We are also about a month, or perhaps more, behind with our spring. We have had more rain than usual and the hills surrounding our little valley are actually green. Soon the scorching summer sun will come and turn them to their usual brown.