Friday, April 02, 2010

The Devil's Beeftub

The beginning of the Annandale way is high above Moffat where the path runs around the top of the Devil's Beeftub.

After the big storm last Wednesday night, when the A701 was blocked by snow, I thought it might be interesting today to see how much snow remained on the ground. Moffat, and Wamphray, only saw a few flakes, unlike much of the country!

From the road, the Way heads straight up the hill above, to the right of the forest plantation.

What a view soon opens up, looking south over the Beeftub. In fact the corrie looks even more spectacular from below.

Who would have thought that I would be walking through snow here, in April!

My destination today was only this trig point, on top of Annanhead Hill.

And looking back west.

It certainly looked wild country, on a day like today. This is the area which may be covered by wind turbines if the Scottish Executive approve plans for the 36-turbine Earlshaugh wind farm, proposed by WindEnergy, see here. Hopefully not. A local campaign has been active against siting a wind farm in this area, see here.

And I had it all to myself!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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