Monday, April 12, 2010


The last couple of days have been really nice, and the spring garden clearup is now underway. The daffs have finally begun to appear.

There are little patches of colour throughout the garden now. Here are some Chionodoxa, yellow and white double primroses and little narcissi. A patch of tulips is making some growth.

The side of the house was the first bit to get tackled.

Then it was time for a sit down, and enjoy the sun.

This is the view from the seat. Needless to say not a lot more work was done!

The frogs have been busy though - this huge lump of frogspawn has appeared in the wildlife pond!

'Who's a pretty boy, then?" I've had a bit of company outside these past two days. This cock pheasant seems to have appropriated Skip garden as his own domain.

Even when I went indoors, he spent the rest of the evening tapping on the patio doors!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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